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Please complete this form to show your preferences with stateroom categories, location on ship, dining preferences, adding gratuities, flight, pre/post hotels, and travel protection to your cruise vacation

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  • Please be realistic when setting your budget; things to consider: cruise fare, taxes, insurance, gratuities, pre/post hotel, transfers, flights, etc.

    Past cruise guest with cruise lines can sometimes get reduced rates or added perks to their reservations. In the space provided, please let me know of any previous cruise lines you have sailed on along with your past guest number.
  • If you provide your legal name and birthdate, I can look up your number with my suppliers.


  • Please select the cruise lines you would like a quote on.


  • Choose all that apply
  • Excursions cost extra and are not included in the price of the cruise fare (unless a cruise line has a special including free excursions). If you would like for me to include these excursion prices in your quote, please state in the space provided below.

    Please indicate which stateroom category, location on ship, and any need for a connecting or modified room.
  • Some cruisers like certain areas of the ship for ease of getting to and from areas they enjoy most. If you choose a certain stateroom category, your stateroom location may be limited, especially if booking withing 6 months of your cruise.
  • Some cruisers like to be on certain decks. Please let me know which decks you would like or choose NO PREFERENCE.

    You may select a set dining time (Early/Late) or you may choose Your Time Dining which is similar to a typical restaurant experience. There may be a short wait for a table. You will be seated by your preferences (table size, time) if booked early enough.
  • If booking is made within 6 months of the cruise departure date, there may be a chance of being put on a wait list for the time selected. If so, the time selected may not be guaranteed by the cruise line.

    Gratuities for your cruise are divided between the stewards and waiters who provide you with services. Many cruisers like to prepay this while booking their cruise.

    Some cruisers like to arrive in port a day or two early to make sure they do not miss their cruise because of flight delays or a long drive to the port.

    Many cruise lines now offer wonderful flight packages that may be booked along with your cruise. There are many advantages to booking your flights with the cruise line. For more information, please let me know.
  • You may list more than one; I will compare prices for each
  • Please list the name of Airline and reward number

    You never know what may happen between the time you book your cruise to the day of departure. Travel insurance can give you the peace of mind of knowing if something should happen before or during your trip, you will be taken care of.
  • Indicate whether you would like insurance added at the time of booking. Insurance may be added up to final payment, but with limited coverage.
  • Please indicate any other information or questions you may have here.
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