WIMG Leadership Award Nomination Form
Nominations must be received by October 1, 2022

Nominee must be a female elected official who has demonstrated excellence in leadership and worked to help other individuals strive to achieve similar goals;
Nominee must be a female elected official who has been actively involved with the National League of Cities or a state municipal league;
Nominee must be a local elected female official from an NLC member city;
Nominee must have served in a municipal elected office for at least two years;
Nominee must be nominated by a colleague, constituent, or organization, or may self-nominate;
Nominee must be in a municipal elected office through December 31, 2022 and register for NLC City Summit at citysummit.nlc.org.

If you have any questions, please contact constituencygroups@nlc.org.

The section below is to be completed by the nominee

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  • Registration is open at citysummit.nlc.org
  • Finalists for the WIMG Leadership Award will be notified via email prior to NLC City Summit and the award will be presented at the City Summit WIMG Luncheon. The award will be mailed to the recipient after City Summit.
  • This section below to be completed by the nominator of award candidate (if applicable)

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  • Nomination Statement

    In no more than two pages, please include a written nomination statement. Guidelines for the statement are below.

    1. Include a statement that explains why the nominee is an exceptional leader and should receive the WIMG Leadership Award.

    2. Include information that provides insights into the nominee’s unique municipal accomplishments. Give examples with correlating time frames (years or months) that demonstrate the nominee’s extraordinary success in bringing about innovative programs to the community and include any specific challenges that have been addressed that shows how the nominee has made a difference in terms of leadership in the municipality and with colleagues and constituents.

    3. Please indicate if the nominee has served in a leadership role with the National League of Cities or a state municipal league and indicate how long the nominee has been active in NLC or the state municipal league.

    4. Please describe how the nominee has served as an excellent mentor to individuals in the community.

    5. Please describe the outstanding contributions of the nominee that have helped other women become involved in community, government, or civic leadership.

    6. At the end of the statement, please describe in no more than three sentences, why the nominee should become the winner of the award based her accomplishments.