Program Center Reservation Request & Agreements
For Troop Meetings and Day Use at the Program Centers only.

My troop or Service Unit will be using the specified program center for regular troop meetings during the time and dates indicated below or for a specific date for day use. Each year, we provide GSOC Members the benefit of using our facilities at low or no cost. We ask that Girl Scouts remember to always leave a place better than they found it to ensure that we are able to serve as many troops as possible. We have outlined guidelines for use in this form. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in suspension of privileges.
  • Must be submitted by Troop Leader
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    For recurring meetings, please input date of first meeting.
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    If left blank, recurring meetings will be scheduled through June 15th.
  • Dates not meeting (ex. week of holidays), Alternative timeframe - up to 5 hours (Anything over 5 hours will be charged an overnight fee)
  • **************** Terms and Conditions *****************

  • I agree
    I understand all troop meetings for the upcoming membership year at any Program will be submitted and scheduled by GSOC by completing this form.
    I understand all troop meetings will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
    I understand any other usage of the Program Center outside of my regularly scheduled meeting time(s) requires I submit a new PC Reservation & Agreements form.
    I understand any changes to my meeting times must be communicated in advance directly to GSOC by contacting Customer Care at to verify availability.
    I understand any reservation for Girl Scout activities other than a troop meeting will be scheduled by GSOC after approval of meeting/event.
    I understand that for the safety of our girls the front gates or front doors of the program center will not be propped open.
    I understand the Troop Leaders will supervise the girls at all times while at the Program.
    I understand only ONE (1) key/fob per troop will be issued. I understand each key number is unique to my reservation and will not be shared outside of our troop or copied. If this key/fob is lost, I agree to pay $35.00 for a new one.
    I understand I will be subject to consequences in the event the GSOC Center is reported dirty, messy, or unlocked following my meeting.
    I understand my check-in and check-out times are set through an official calendar system. My troop will not arrive early or check out beyond our designated time.
    I understand that failure to comply and follow ALL guidelines listed in this agreement, may result in losing our Program Center use privileges.
    I understand that if anything breaks or needs repair, I will notify GSOC by emailing as soon as possible.
    I understand my troop will be subject to consequences if my troop consistently fails to maintain the Program Center cleanliness and security guidelines contained in this agreement.
    I understand my troop needs to follow all Covid-19 safety protocols as set forth by Girl Scouts of Orange County.

    ALL PROGRAM/ACTIVITY CENTER USERS, without exception —whether using the facilities for troop meetings, council trainings, workshops, and/or Service Unit events—have the same responsibility to clean both during and after their event(s) and to maintain the center for appearance and safety.

    While at the Program/Activity Center and prior to leaving the facility, my troop and I agree to adhere to the following cleaning and safety guidelines:
  • I agree
    To clean all bathrooms, sinks, countertops, tables, and chairs which were used during our meeting with disinfecting wipes.
    To clean all areas we intend to use before our meeting starts.
    To not use the center without a reservation in the reservation system.
    To not use thumbtacks, nails, or any other items that can puncture or create holes in the walls or doors.
    To use newspaper or protective papers on all tables, counter tops, and floors prior to any gluing, painting or any other activity that could leave permanent damage.
    We will not remove any items belonging to facility or leave any items, without receiving permission from GSOC staff. Permission can be obtained by sending an email to
    To immediately call the police, if there is an unsafe situation, then send an email to to make GSOC staff aware of the situation.
    Our troop will use a “Buddy System” when any girls leave the main Program Center units, regardless of age.
    All maintenance and/or security issues will be immediately reported to
    All wastebaskets inside the facility will be emptied and new plastic liners will be inserted before leaving the facility.
    All trash will be bagged, taken to the outside dumpster, and dumpster securely closed and locked (no trash is to be left inside facility) before leaving.
    All floors will be swept, mopped, and/or vacuumed, including bathrooms. Mops will be rinsed and wrung to dry.
    All food and spills will be wiped up on chairs, tables, floors, countertops, bathrooms, and kitchen.
    All dishes will be washed, dried, and put away.
    To erase/clean dry erase white boards after use.
    To ensure patio and outside areas are neat and clean.
    ALL Furniture, projectors, TVs, etc. will be moved back to where they belong.
    To ensure the refrigerator is emptied of all food after each meeting/overnight and that NO FOOD WILL BE LEFT BEHIND.
    To turn off all lights, oven, stove, and faucets.
    To leave the thermostat set to 60 degrees at Laguna Beach and Seal Beach.
    To leave the thermostat set at 76 at Anaheim and Yorba Linda.
    To check to ensure that all the toilets have been flushed before leaving.
    That all doors, windows, and gates will be closed, locked, and double checked before leaving.
  • We sincerely appreciate all of your continued efforts in helping to keep the Program/Activity Centers in great condition and THANK YOU for all you do!

    “A Girl Scout always leaves a place better then she found it.”