Children Support Fund Application V1.1
Application for the Children Support Fund
  • About the Children's Support fund

    About the Children’s Support Fund:
     Applications for funding assistance close four weeks before the commencement of each camp and assessments are not made until this time. All applicants will be notified to the person applying for assistance on this form. Applications are subject to availability at the Camp.
     Please be aware that subsidy funds come from donations we receive from friends of Camp Clayton, and at times resources for this fund may be limited.
     We expect to give partial assistance to a number of applicants and all applications will be given good consideration.
     Subsidies will generally not be given for the full cost of a camp, and applicants are encouraged to contribute as much as is reasonably possible of the cost.
     Decisions for special needs assistance are final and will not be entered into. Assessments are not carried out by Camp Clayton Staff.
     All applications for assistance are kept confidential.

    Further Enquiries: Enquiries about the Children’s Support Fund should be directed to the Executive Officer. Phone: 6425 1893 or Email on
  • Income

    What is the approximate monthly income of the camper’s family and the source of that income? (Include Centrelink benefits)
  • $
  • $
  • $
  • $
  • Financial Obligations

    What family obligations are met through this (ie. rent/mortgage, regular payments etc)
  • Please list financial obligations and the approximate monthly amount.
  • Referee

    Applications must be supported by a referee from a recognised welfare organisation or local church (for example, Temcare, Salvation Army, Anglicare, youth pastor or church minister). It may be necessary for us to disclose information you submit in this application to that person, in confidentiality with them.
  • Supplementary

  • $
    If you are successful in receiving some assistance, how much of the camp fee would you be able to contribute? (Assistance is not given for the full fee)
  • If you are unsuccessful in receiving assistance, would a payment plan help in paying the camp fees? If so, please state the terms that would be acceptable to you. (Eg. Payment of $25 per month for three months).
  • Would you be willing to volunteer five hours of work (eg cleaning, lawn mowing, gardening, catering etc.) at Camp Clayton at a suitably convenient time (not during holiday camps)?
  • Thank you for completing the application, somebody will get back to you soon.

    Further Enquiries: Enquiries about the Children’s Support Fund should be directed to the Site Manager. Phone: 6425 1893 or Email on