Education Media Portal Registration 2021-2022
Register for access to our pre-recorded educational content including Young People's Concerts and Musicians in Schools!
After the request is submitted, you will receive a follow up email from our staff to ensure we've confirmed your registration. This year, there is a one-time, per-school fee based on enrollment size for schools with LESS than 85% Free/Reduced lunch. Please see below for price ranges, however, we may also be able to provide funding assistance to schools who may need it, but do not initially qualify for the free access. Please email to inquire if you need assistance.
- Single Household: $4
- Schools/Groups with 85%+ Free/Reduced Lunch Rate: Free
- Schools/Groups with 50-84% Free/Reduced Lunch Rate: half price ranging from $5-$15
- Schools/Groups with 0-49% Free/Reduced Lunch Rate: full price $10-$30

Costs are a one-time fee for year long access for your entire student/teacher/parent body.
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