Community Request Form
It is our vision to be world class in our community strategy as a sports organisation. As highly visible members of the community, the Geelong players, coaches and staff understand their unique public role and aspire to make a positive contribution to the community.

Each week, the Club receives over 300 requests for community assistance.
We can assist with the following:
- Community ticketing to selected games (limited)
- Assistance with a raffle or auction item for a fundraiser
- Special wishes for those seriously ill or dying

Please note, due to the volume of requests received, there is a two week response time. Following requests up with another email or phone call will not hurry the process.
  • Please note, due to the overwhelming amount of requests received, we are unable to facilitate the following;
    - Birthday, event or milestone well wishes
    - Personliased signing of items
    - Assistance with school assignments or research projects
    - Meet and greets or photo opportunities

    Due to the large amount received, not all ticketing requests will be granted