Vinylthon 2020 registration update
Vinylthon Update

For those radio stations that are still able to, and want to, Vinylthon will still be celebrated on April 18th, as planned.

For those radio stations that prefer to re-schedule, we will also celebrate Vinylthon on June 20th, which is when Record Store Day 2020 has now been rescheduled. We know that many radio stations like to do live remotes from their local record store, so you may prefer to celebrate on this day.

Due to the Coronavirus situation, stations can participate from their DJs homes, and there is no need to go into a studio and take an unnecessary risk.

For those radio stations that now cannot participate at all, we fully understand.

If your station is already registered, if you could please let us know your decision – that would be great. This form only takes about 15 seconds to fill out.
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    We will participate on April 18
    We will participate on June 20
    We can no longer participate