Volunteer of Excellence Nomination Form
A GSUSA National Award recognizing those volunteers who have contributed outstanding service while partnering directly with girls in any pathway to implement the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, through the use of Journeys and/or The Girls’ Guide to Girl Scouting; or who have contributed outstanding service in support of GSOC’s mission to girl and adult members.
  • The nominee's Service Unit Manager will be notified of this nomination.
  • Nominee's Employer
  • Girl Focus
    Good Oral Communication
    Fosters Diversity
    Personal Integrity
  • Volunteer of Excellence Endorsement Information

    This award requires 1 separate endorsement to be considered for the Volunteer of Excellence. The endorsements can be collected by the main nominator, and copy/pasted into the text boxes below, citing EACH endorser's name and email contact as directed.
  • Remember: Those who review the nominations may not know the nominee and/or the great accomplishments (s)he has given to Girl Scouts.
    This is your opportunity to let everyone know!
  • Nominations received after the annual deadline of February 4th at 6:08 will be held for the following year's recognition consideration.