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All VS places begin with an image – you can take your own, or use one of our gallery photos. If you’re uploading your own image, we’ll need the geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) so that we can locate it accordingly.

If you’re taking your own photo, remember – diagonals for a straight world applies to the angle of your shot – look upwards, look downwards, capture a non-horizontal view.
  • The easiest way to give us this information is to find the place your photo was taken on Google maps, right click on it and select “what’s here”, then click on the green marker that appears, and copy and paste the coordinates.
  • If you'd like to use an image from our existing collection, pick any place on the VS map that doesn't yet have a story, and write the name of that image's placemarker here.
  • Fiction, non-fiction, it’s up to you, just make it concise, complete, and captivating. The narrative is a companion to the photo, but it’s not necessarily about the photo. Let the two expand eachother – their relation can be implicit or explicit, but please don’t write a newspaper caption. If you’re looking for inspiration, try browsing some of the existing narratives.
    Please note, there is a limit – not to your creativity, but to the number of words. Why? Because it keeps the material bite-sized, and (we hope) makes it better too. It’s been suggested that Twitter’s 140 character limit forces people to edit, thus creating a more thought-out piece of text. So we’ve applied the same here – you have 140 words. Less is fine, of course, but any more, and you’ll find the web form won’t submit.
  • your name, or the pseudonym you wish to use
  • for administrative purposes only, will not appear online.
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