Byron PTO Funding Request & Q/A
How do I/we submit funds?
Please fill out the questions below and click submit. Byron PTO and the appropriate principal will be sent a copy of the request.

Do I need to attend the General Membership Meeting?
Yes. However; if you cannot attend the meeting to present your request, any other teacher, parent or administrator may speak on your behalf.

What information should be supplied in the “Details of Request” section on the below form?
Please include the number of items/name of program or field trip, who will use or benefit from the request, the number of students who will benefit, date needed or date of event, expected life of the item requested and the value/benefit of the request to the school/students. A complete cost breakdown must be included. If possible, please include actual price quotes including shipping and/or budget outline not to forget transportation cost should there be any. If the request is for partial funding, ensure budget outline reflects total cost of item/program and includes a breakdown from other sources.

When will funding be approved?
All funding requests will be presented to the PTO Board that are present at the monthly general membership meetings. After the meeting the board will meet for a final vote regarding funding approval or disapproval. You will be notified within 1 week of the meeting in regards to the status of your request

How do I actually receive the funds from the approved request?
All purchases for the school must be purchased through the District Office. PTO will work with the office to ensure the school district is reimbursed for the approved amount. In the rare occasion where you personally paid for the item approved by the PTO a “Reimbursement Request Form” can be filled out and placed in the PTO mail box located at the Byron Intermediate School.

What happens if I go over budget or the initial quote is wrong?
Please notify the PTO board via e-mail at as soon as possible. Since funds are limited additional monies cannot be disbursed without a formal board review.

Byron PTO Funding Request Form
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