FTO Training Check Off - Day One
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  • FTO #1
  • FTO #2
  • Hands On Verbal
    Review of ambulance check off sheet
    Complete interior/exterior truck check off
    Equipment check off
    Ensure gas card is in pouch
  • Hands On Verbal
    Clocking in/out
    Administrative organizational chart
    Dispatch phone number
    Proper uniform
    (Proper pants/shirts/jackets/boots)
    (Hair/facial hair)
    Procedure for ordering uniforms
    Procedure for calling out
    (How long before shift do you have to call?)
    (Who do you call out to?)
    Procedure for signing up for availability
    Review the different types of incident reports
    Procedure for time off
  • Hands On Verbal
    10 Codes
    Radio Channels
  • Hands On Verbal
    Demonstrates knowledge of equipment restocking
    Demonstrates restocking of kits and truck after a call
    Demonstrates knowledge of controlled substance restocking policies (Paramedic)
  • Hands On Verbal
    Demonstrates manual stretcher operation
    Demonstrates use of the floor mount
    Demonstrates use of side rails
    Demonstrates use of seatbelts
    Place stretcher into Trendelenburg position
    Proper loading and unloading
    Proper raising up and down
    Proper use of auto loader (if possible)
    Proper use of bariatric stretcher
    Review transporting a patient on different terrain
  • Hands On Verbal
    Ensure all reports are complete
    Demonstrate logging out of the Toughbook
    Clean interior of truck
    Clean exterior of truck
    Turn in paperwork and equipment