NAPFA Local Group Application for CE Credit
Please submit your CE application at least 14 days prior to your program.

Type "n/a" or tentative data in any mandatory fields that don't apply.

Enter any further instructions/requests in the last box below.

You can save a draft of this CE application by clicking the "Save & Resume Later" button at the bottom and KEEPING A COPY OF THE LINK YOU ARE GIVEN. You can also share these links with your presenters to have them originate/complete CE applications with you. (Ask them to fill in Program Descriptions, Learning Objectives, and Instructor Qualifications!)

You will be emailed a copy of your application immediately upon submission.
  • 100-character maximum
  • Tax-related sessions qualify for IRS EA CEs. Your attendees who are Enrolled Agents should supply their "P-TIN" number on your sign-in sheet if NAPFA doesn't already have it - it's a P plus 8 digits.
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  • Name/designations/title plus, if different than above, company name, email, phone.
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  • Include facility name, street address, city and state. If conference call/screen-sharing session/webinar instead of in-person gathering, please type "Virtual."
  • 50 minutes of instruction = 1 CE, 100 minutes = 2 CEs, etc. An additional 25 minutes = 0.5 CE. You may also offer a 30-minute program for 0.5 CFP CE and a 25-minute program for 0.5 NAPFA CE. IRS EA CEs are awarded in whole numbers only; fractions will be rounded down.
  • For programs offering more than 1 CE, you may select more than one subject area, with a minimum of 1 CE per area.

    CFP does not offer CEs for programs on marketing/prospecting, practice management, or computer hard/software. Information security and compliance topics may qualify if they focus on complying with regulations. See CFP's "Principal Knowledge Topics" at
  • A timed outline with detailed bullets should be used for half-day or longer sessions.
  • Learning Objective #1
    Learning Objective #2
    Learning Objective #3
    Think like a professor writing a syllabus, in short, SIMPLE chunks: “After this course, participants will know/be able to/understand/demonstrate/show how…” These Learning Objectives should appear on an introductory slide in the speaker's presentation.
  • Use a sentence or two verifying that the presenter has 1.) the appropriate academic degree[s], 2.) relative industry credentialing, OR 3.) a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field.
  • Please notify NAPFA after our program if the presenter did not meet your expectations, and we won't share the CE application.
  • NAPFA CEs and EA CEs are granted unless you hear otherwise from NAPFA, and you'll be notified about any CFP CEs via email within 7-10 business days. CFP CEs should be described as "pending" in any program descriptions until confirmed.

    There's no charge for NAPFA CEs or IRS EA CEs. NAPFA will charge your region for CFP's CE fees of $25 per course CE/half-CE, plus $1.25 per CFP certificant per CFP CE/half-CE earned.

    All groups pay CFP's $100 late fee themselves if you direct NAPFA to submit your program to CFP AFTER it has occurred.