NAPFA Application for CE Credit
Please submit your CE application at least 30 days prior to your program. Enter any further instructions/requests in the last box below.

You can save a draft of this CE application by clicking the "Save & Resume Later" button at the bottom. You can also share links with your presenters to have them originate/complete forms with you. You will be emailed a copy of your completed form.
  • Tax-related sessions qualify for IRS EA CEs. Your attendees who are Enrolled Agents should supply their "P-TIN" number on your sign-in sheet if NAPFA doesn't already have it - it's a P plus 8 digits.
  • 100-character maximum
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  • Name/designations/title plus, if different than above, company name, email, phone.
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  • Include facility name, street address, city and state. If conference call/screen-sharing session/webinar instead of in-person gathering, please type "Virtual."
  • 50 minutes of instruction = 1 CE, 100 minutes = 2 CEs, etc. An additional 25 minutes = 0.5 CE. You may also offer a 30-minute program for 0.5 CFP/NAPFA CEs. IRS EA CEs are awarded in whole numbers only; fractions will be rounded down.
  • * = NAPFA Core Area subjects. For programs offering more than 1 CE, you may select more than one subject area, with a minimum of 1 CE per area.

    CFP does not offer CEs for programs on marketing/prospecting, practice management, or computer hard/software. Information security and compliance topics may qualify if they focus on complying with regulations. See CFP's "Principal Knowledge Topics" -
  • Include a 3- to 4-sentence paragraph per CE hour requested; a timed outline with detailed bullets can be used for half-day or longer sessions. What is it that advisors need to know, why is this topic important today, how will clients benefit?
  • Learning Objective #1
    Learning Objective #2
    Learning Objective #3
    If you are applying for NAPFA CEs only, list at least one Learning Objective and type X in the other box(es).

    These Objectives must be different from the PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION above and should appear on an introductory slide in speaker's presentation. Think like a professor writing a syllabus, in short, SIMPLE chunks: “After this course, participants will know/be able to/understand/demonstrate…”
  • Use a sentence or two verifying that the presenter has 1.) the appropriate academic degree[s], 2.) relative industry credentialing, or 3.) a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field.

  • NAPFA CEs and EA CEs are granted unless you hear otherwise from NAPFA, and you'll be notified about any CFP CEs via email within 5-7 business days. CFP CEs should be described as "pending" until confirmed.

    NAPFA pays CFP’s $40/CE (and $40/half-CE) application fee for Study Groups; MIX Groups pay their own CFP CE fees. All groups pay CFP's $100 late fee themselves if you direct NAPFA to submit your program to CFP AFTER it has occurred. There's no charge for NAPFA CEs/IRS EA CEs.