Teams & Volunteers- Apply/Query Form
So many variables affect our pricing and availability to host teams, so both basic enquiries and applications require this same form. Simply check the query or application box at the bottom of the form to clarify your purpose for filling it out. Please carefully read instructions included with some fields.

Submitting this application does not guarantee acceptance. Your request is processed in light of availability of dates and personnel to host.
Standard team processing time is 5-10 work days (depending on the ministry season) before receiving confirmation.

Please also note that our location is Montego Bay, and so all incoming teams should process travelling through MBJ airport. Travel from our other international airport can be difficult and costly to arrange, and at this time, we do not take transportation responsibility for teams choosing this port.
  • Section A

    Basic Information about your potential trip.
  • If you are an independent group put "None"
  • Check the one that best applies to your team.
  • Section B- Team Demographics

    More specifics to help us give you accurate costs and availability information. If you are coming alone, just check the first box throughout Section B
  • Check the one that best applies to your team.
  • Check the description that best applies to your team.
  • Predominant nationality of team members/leader. Separate multiple nationality teams with a semi colon (;).
  • Teams are requested to select no more than 2 off campus focus areas per week of service. *Please note that Homes of Hope ministry requires 10-15 persons for the week.
  • If your team has many interests, but no specific training or skill set, please put "mostly unskilled hands on or team".
  • Special "Category" teams need to have special transportation, food, and housing arrangements. Please note that we do not have overnight accommodations for teams larger than 50-55persons at present.
  • Please specify the year!
  • Please give an estimate (in days) for the length of stay. For multiple teams, separate each stay by a semi colon (;)
  • Section C- Homes of Hope Build ONLY

    If you are not planning to build a home, please skip to Section D.
  • Section D- Purpose of this form

  • If other, please elaborate