Questionnaire for You, the BC Survivor
Perhaps together WE can figure out what we've all got in common, in hopes to save future generations! Thank you in advance for your help.
  • Did you live by power lines?
    Did you live by a slop ditch?
    Did you wear perfume?
    Did you use tampons?
    Did you eat prepackaged meals often? Ex.: Hamburger Helper, Mac n Cheese..
    Did you wear lipstick?
    Did you wear body lotions containing parabens?
    Did you live in the country?
    Did you drink well water?
    Did you live in the city?
    Did you take birth control pills?
    Did you drink alcohol?
    Did you drink soda pop?
    Did you drink diet soda pop?
    Did you drink Kool-Aid?
    Did you eat a lot of candy?
    Did you eat dairy?
    Did you watch a lot of TV?
    Did you wear underwire bras?
    Did you smoke?
    Did you wear anti-perspirant?
    Did you get all of your immunizations as a child?
    Did you frequent the Dentist growing up?
    Did you have many dental XRays?
    Did you have dental root canals?
    Did you have silver dental fillings?
    Were you a night owl?
    Were you obese?
    Did you exercise?
    Did you sit a lot at work?
    Did you notice a lot of stress prior to diagnosis?
    Did you have diabetes?
    Did you have gestational diabetes?
    Did you have a mammogram prior to diagnosis?
    WiFi in the house?
    Mold/Mildew smell in home?
    Did you use a cell phone?
    Were you ever on birth control pills?
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