Del Mar Makin’ Music Fall 2019
After-School Group Lesson Registration Form
  • Makin’ Music After School

    Tuition assistance provided. No prior music experience needed.

    2:50 pm – 3:35 pm | 8-Week Programs
    Classes begin the week of October 1st.

    Class minimums required for Fall, Winter & Spring Sessions.

    World Beats ’n’ Funky Feet by Sandra
    2nd/3rd Grade | Tuesdays | $52 (or $10 with School Lunch Program)

    Feel the beat and move your feet in this fun, beginning music and movement class. Students will learn rhythm, coordination and dance steps to music that is upbeat, popular, and also global.Instructor: Mrs. Sarrouf

    Beginning Ukulele
    4th/5th Grade | Tuesdays | $87 (or $45 with School Lunch Program)

    Includes KALA® ukulele (student may keep the instrument or return in good condition for a $35 refund). An intro class that will have you learn tuning, music reading and counting, notes on the strings, chords, strumming, picking, ukulele history, playing songs and much more. Instructor: Mr. Martinez

    World Drumming I
    3rd/4th/5th Grade | Thursdays | $77 (or $35 with School Lunch Program)

    Includes REMO Drum lid/bucket (student may keep the instrument or return in good condition for a $25 refund). Learn the excitement of world music and drumming as well as the Caribbean, African, and Latin-American cultures of rhythm. Instructor: Mrs. Thompson

    Tuition assistance eligibility for School Lunch Program is determined by the Federal Financial Income guidelines. To be eligible Infinite Music™ must receive current documentation that your student is enrolled at their school. For questions, please contact Infinite Music at 1-888-285-5893, ext. 4.
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  • Demographic Info

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  • Class Discontinuation

    Infinite Music™ reserves the right to discontinue a student at any time for failing to meet our Attendance Policy (see below), non-payment of fees, or breaking the Student Code of Conduct (see below). No refund will be given. If the student is discontinued for non-payment of fees, he or she may enroll again in the next session after the account balance is paid in full. If discontinued due to inconsistent attendance, the student may enroll again for the next session and eligibility for tuition assistance will not be affected. If discontinued due to failure to follow the Student Code of Conduct, future enrollments will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Classes Canceled for Low Enrollment

    A minimum of 6 students required for Wold Drumming and Ukulele, and 8 students for World Beats ’n’ Funky Feet by Sandra. Classes that do not reach the minimum threshold before session begins will be canceled and students will receive a credit for a future session or a refund.
  • Attendance Policy

    • Full payment amount is due before the start of the 8-week session.
    • Unfortunately, due to schedule constraints, Infinite Music™ is unable to reschedule missed classes.
    • Three absences out of four consecutive classes are grounds for being withdrawn from the class without a refund for the remainder of the term.
    • Students arriving more than 15 minutes past the start time for their class will be marked absent and that absence will be counted toward the three absences policy noted above.
    • No Withdrawals, Refunds Or Credits Due to program constraints, Infinite Music™ is not able to offer any withdrawals, refunds, or credits.
  • Infinite Music (IM) Student Code of Conduct

    Be Kind
    Be Safe
    Be Responsible
    Be Respectful

    Every IM Student:
    • Will be respectful of themselves and others.
    • Will treat musical instruments with the utmost respect and care.
    • Will use only respectful, appropriate, inclusive, and supportive language when addressing IM fellow students, instructors and volunteers.
    • Will respect and listen to IM instructors and volunteers.
    • Will not engage in any dangerous or inappropriate activities that are harmful to themselves or others.
    • Will display appropriate behavior in waiting areas before and after class.
  • Waivers/Permissions

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