Existing CFIHOA Membership Application
Congratulations on becoming apart of the Central Florida Ice Hockey Officials Association. Please fill out the fields below to receive access to CFIHOA's scheduling system and other association information and links.
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  • Please provide the highest level you played or officiated at. If you have never officiated before please state that.
    Please rate yourself on your overall performance as an official. Please be honest with yourself; based on rule knowledge, skating, positioning, communication, judgement, etc.
    5 means you are the best official. 4 being a good official. 3 being an okay or average official. 2 below average official. 1 just got certified
  • CFIHOA Required Forms

    CFIHOA asks that you submit the required forms below. All forms must be submitted with all pages included. Other forms may be required upon review of application.
  • Code of Conduct can be done online: https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/f8dJ935bBX0vaU6bEyeQOuh