Patient & Member Policies
These policies apply to all members, patients, providers, dispensaries, or any other cooperative, individual or entity.
Anyone that violates our policies, will be removed from website and collective membership.
  • Everyone must provide proof of eligibility / identification before we can provide assistance.
    Requires Certification of eligibility and valid state issued photo identification.

    We will not vary our rules or policies in any way.
    Any requests to do so will be ignored.

    Any dishonesty, blatant inaccuracies, fraud, or attempt at defrauding us, or anyone in our collective, will not be tolerated.
    It will only result, in your privileges and / or membership to be cancelled.

    Patient orders may be denied, when reasonable cognitive ability, is in question.

    Multiple complaints, will result in your access and membership being terminated.

    All orders, trades & transactions, are approved by Supervisor for accuracy, eligibility and verified for authenticity.
    Then confirmed with provider for availability.
    And finally every patient and provider, will again be asked for proof of eligibility & Identification, upon delivery.

    We apologize for the strict rules & policies, but in realization of the dangers that still exist, we have no choice.
    After all the many robberies and even murders, we are determined to insure safety for everyone.
    No credit, No "fronts ", No personal checks.

    Volunteers are not allowed to give advice, make recommendations, voice personal preferences, offer suggestions, or respond to inquiries.

    Couriers do not carry cash, accept payments, nor provide any change.
  • I have read and understand the above.

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