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    Tell us about you, and how we can get in touch with you to follow up about the issue you are reporting.
  • If you provide an email address, you will automatically receive a copy of this issue in your email.
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  • NOTE: please take good, clear photos with GOOD lighting of the issue you are reporting. Management / maintenance will reference the photos when following up with you about this issue.
  • REMEMBER: 911 should be called FIRST in the event you are witnessing an unlawful activity.
  • NOTE: you can select more than one option from the list above.
  • REMINDER: Be as specific about dates, times, conversations, etc. you can recall to help management have a follow-up conversation with the person(s) you are reporting.
  • Tell us specifics about your compliment, comment, or suggestion including the name(s), locations on property, etc. to help us to better understand what you are reporting. We may share this information when following up on this report.
  • NOTE: typically unlawful acts warrant calling 911 and reporting the illegal activity to law enforcement. Understand that information detailed in this report may be shared with law enforcement and may be admissable in a court of law as supporting evidence of the crime.
  • Reference surrounding units close to the area needing maintenance.