Groton Holiday Lights Parade - 2017
Sign up to reserve a spot in Groton annual parade scheduled for Saturday, December 2, 2017.

Registration deadline: November 17, 2017.

All Parade Entries Must Have Lights!
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  • Enter number of people who will be marching (walking) in the parade. Marchers line up at the Groton Utilities Water treatment Plan at South Road and US Route 1.
  • Enter number of vehicles that will be in in the parade. Vehicles line up on Industrial Drive off of Depot Road.

    All vehicles in the parade must be insured and driven by properly licensed drivers. Parade staff will check licenses and insurance cards at line up! Any vehicle that does not have both will not be allowed to participate.
  • Enter the payment requested in exchange for your organization's participation in the parade.

    The budget to pay participants is limited and it is likely that some requests for payment will not be granted.
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