UH EMS Institute Paramedic Refresher Registration
All form fields are mandatory. The refresher classes are subject to additional requirements which will be communicated to you along with information on how to access the classes. Fees apply to non-UH affiliated providers. Each student application will be verified prior to class access being granted.

The Paramedic Online Refresher comprises both the State of Ohio and NREMT recertification hours. As part of the UHEMS Institute Online Refresher, an ACLS, and PALS certification is required. These two courses allow for hours earned. If the student does not have an active ACLS and/or PALS card, an initial course will be offered. If the student has an active ACLS and/or PALS card, a refresher course is required for completion, which will be offered during the scheduled course.
Below you will find the State of Ohio and NREMT Recertification requirements.
The Ohio Paramedic Refresher Training Program curriculum is the minimum acceptable content that must be included in any Ohio Paramedic Refresher Training Program. The didactic portion of the Ohio Paramedic Refresher Training Program may be taught through online or distance learning formats in accordance with OAC 4765-7-11, however cognitive and psychomotor testing shall be conducted in a traditional classroom environment. The Ohio Paramedic Refresher Training Program consists of 48 classroom hours. The Ohio Paramedic Refresher Training Program is divided into the following subject areas and hours (including evaluations):
Airway Management & Ventilation 4 hours
Medicine Cardiology 6 hours
Medical Emergencies 10 hours
Trauma Issues 8 hours
Special Populations Obstetrics & Gynecology 2 hours
Pediatric Issues 12 hour
Geriatric Issues 4 hour
EMS Operations 2 hours
2016 National Component: 30 Hours
The national competency component requires all Paramedics to obtain 30 hours of continuing education. The topic areas for the national component is published by the NREMT every four years. The most recent revision of the National Component was published in October 2016.
Airway/Respiration/Ventilation: 3.5 Hours
Ventilation [2 Hours], Capnography [1 Hour], Oxygenation [0.5 Hour]
Cardiovascular: 8.5 Hours
Post-Resuscitation Care [0.5 Hour], Ventricular Assist Devices [0.5 Hour], Stroke [1.5 Hours]
Cardiac Arrest [2 Hours], Pediatric Cardiac Arrest [2.5 Hours], Congestive Heart Failure [0.5 Hour]
Acute Coronary Syndrome [1 Hour]

Trauma: 3 Hours
Trauma Triage [1 Hour], Central Nervous System (CNS) Injury [1 Hour], Hemorrhage Control [0.5 Hour]
Fluid Resuscitation [0.5 Hour]
Medical: 8.5 Hours
Special Healthcare Needs [2 Hours], OB Emergencies [0.5 Hour], Infectious Diseases [0.5 Hour]
Medication Delivery [1 Hour], Pain Management [1 Hour], Psychiatric and Behavioral Emergencies [1 Hour]
Toxicological Emergencies – Opioids [0.5 Hour], Neurological Emergencies – Seizures [0.5 Hour]
Endocrine Emergencies – Diabetes [1 Hour], Immunological Emergencies [0.5 Hour]
Operations: 6.5 Hours
At-Risk Populations [1 Hour], Ambulance Safety [0.5 Hour], Field Triage—Disasters/MCIs [1 Hour]
EMS Provider Hygiene, Safety, and Vaccinations [0.5 Hour], EMS Culture of Safety [0.5 Hour]
Pediatric Transport [0.5 Hour], Crew Resource Management [1 Hour], EMS Research [1 Hour]
Evidence Based Guidelines [0.5 Hour]

10 hours of distributive education may be applied in this category. All online education links are provided in the refresher, and certifications of completion are to be submitted before completion of course.
FEMA 100 and FEMA 700, Ohio Trauma Triage, Ohio 12 Lead EKG, Ohio CHEMPACK
Domestic Violence, Pediatric Transport, Pediatric Shortness of Breath, Lightening Emergencies
Bites, Stings and Exotic Animals
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