• Weybridge Guest Notification Form

  • REGISTRATION OF GUESTS : In the event that the owner/tenant is NOT PRESENT, the owner/tenant will notify the Property Manager in advance when a guest is on the premises. All persons other than owners, their family and domestic staff shall be registered with the Property Manager prior to the time of occupancy. THIS INCLUDES ALL HOUSE GUESTS! A guest is ANY person(s) who is physically present anywhere in the facility or unit on a temporary basis for any length of time at the invitation of the unit owner, without payment of consideration.
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  • House quests are subject to all rules and regulations of the Association. Owner/Tenant is responsible for all actions of their guest. Owner/Tenant and guest shall be jointly and severally liable for any violation of damages resulting from violation by the guest. It is the responsibility of the owner/tenant to provide the guest with a copy of the rules and regulations.
  • Thank you for completing the Guest Notification form. The Board will review your submission as soon as possible and you will receive a response once the review is completed.