Standards Committee Application of Membership
Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems Standards Committee Application of Membership For Basic, Advanced, Emergency Critical Care, Intensive Care, and Specialty Care Medical Transport.

The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (hereafter referred to as CAMTS) has developed procedures for developing evidence of consensus for the approval, reaffirmation, revision, or withdrawal of American National Standards. In addition to these procedures, the latest edition of the ANSI Essential Requirements: Due Process Requirements for American National Standards shall be the final controlling document for all procedural and policy issues.

By complying with these standards, providers will furnish assurance and confidence to (a) the patient, (b) the patient’s family and non-related caregivers. Also, the patient’s healthcare professionals are assured that the provider is consistently attaining the quality level that is expected and needed for a service of this nature.

The CAMTS Board maintains several standing committees, one of which is the Standard Committee. The Standards Committee (the consensus body) is chaired by one of the CAMTS Site Surveyors and includes membership by anyone that wishes to apply and participate. There are no restrictions for members. Voting members can be from any organization or represent themselves as individuals and are accepted regardless of their technical expertise.

In addition to the twenty-one organizations represented on the CAMTS Board of Directors, CAMTS has developed a list of potential reviewers consisting of organizations known to be, or who have indicated that they are, directly and materially affected by the standard. This includes several federal agencies. No individual of the standards committee represents more than one organization and no organization may have more than one person appointed. Participation shall be open to all persons who are directly and materially affected by the activity in question. There shall be no undue financial barriers to participation.

Organizations that are not represented on the standard committee but would like to be considered for membership can apply if they meet and agree to the requirements as set forth in the procedures. Regardless of membership, their comments and recommendations on the Standards are encouraged and appreciated.

The Standards Committee maintains a balance by assuring that no single interest category constitute more than one-third of the membership of the consensus body dealing with safety-related standards and no single interest category constitutes a majority of the membership for other than safety-related standards. No more than three persons can be from any one of the categories for voting membership. To assure a manageable committee size, parity and avoidance of potential conflicts of interest, applications for voting membership are approved by the CAMTS Executive Committee, with a recommendation from the Standards chairman. Others may join as non-voting members.

These interest categories include:
• Aviation
• Surface (ground ambulance, water ambulance, snowmobile, etc.)
• Program Administration (including communication)
• Clinical
• General Interest (including the general public)
  • - -

  • • Aviation: Pilots, aviation maintenance, FAA Part 135 Operators, aircraft manufacturers, medical configuration engineers, helipad experts and FAA, etc.

    • Surface (ground ambulance, water ambulance, snowmobile, etc.): Surface ambulance providers, vehicle mechanics, vehicle manufacturers, etc.

    • Program Administration: Program administrators, human resources, finance, communications, educators, public relations, quality management, etc.

    • Clinical: Physicians, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, Respiratory Therapist, Physician Assistants, etc.

    • General Interest: Prior patients, requesting agencies, requesting hospitals, the general public, medical equipment manufacturers, NTSB, etc.