Postsecondary: 21st C Skills Training Feedback
  • Thank you for taking the time to complete the training and fill out this survey. Part of our grant funding is secured through data tracking and feedback on professional development. Please fill out this form so we can properly report our data and work on future improvements.

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  • Facilitator Feedback

  • Were the topics covered relevant, clearly explained, helpful to your learning, engaging, etc?
  • Curriculum Feedback

  • Do you feel the curriculum is relevant and on point to your college or organization's specific needs?
  • Compare how you felt before the training to now. Do you feel you can move forward with the curriculum with a clear plan for how to teach it to your learners?
  • Data Feedback

    Please Note: By completing this training you will be added to New World of Work's Community of Practice (COP). We host webinars/conference calls for COP members each term to review data guidelines and provide any updates about the program.
  • Do you feel you have a general understanding of the the 21st Century Skills Student Survey (both Start and End) and the 21st Century Skills Employer Survey (both Start and End)?
  • Do you feel you have a general understanding of the end of term submission of the 21st Century Skills Instructor Feedback Survey?
  • Digital Badges Feedback

  • Do you feel you have an understanding of what digital badges are and how they can be used to link education to employment?
  • Do you feel you have a general understanding of the Learner, Academic, and Employer Verified 21st Century Skills Badges?
  • Please Note: The Academic and Employer Verified 21st Century Skills Digital Badges through CareerXP/LaunchPath are designed for post-secondary learners and are available to college students, adult-education learners, and workforce development clients.

  • Yes No
    Do you work with the learners listed above and would like them to have the opportunity assess and earn 21st Century Badges? If you select yes, be sure to register on CareerXP/LaunchPath and we will follow-up to provide additional login resources.
  • Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire! If you have additional feedback for the NWoW team, or comments you'd like to share with your training host about the room, catering, etc. please feel free to add them below.