Road 424 Vendor Application October 19th and 20th
Charter vendors (those who set up for the first show in October) will be guaranteed a set booth fee of $50 for the remainder of 2012 and throughout 2013 (regular 15' by 15' booths only). Farmers and growers are always welcome to set up a 10' by 10' sized booth in the meadow for free, but still need to submit an application each month so that we know how many will be setting up. Reserve early to guarantee your booth selection! First come, first served. If your selected booth is not available, you will be given additional options at the time of confirmation.

Experience with shows or fairs is not necessary! Come out and enjoy a fun atmosphere in a country setting with fellow vintage and handmade lovers. Vendors will receive some great perks, like coupons for free bottled water, snacks, and more.

If approved, you'll receive an email confirmation with details about your space and instructions for submitting payment.
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  • You must have a sales tax number on file with Road 424 before you can set up. You are required to collect Texas sales or use tax on all sales that are not exempt. You can apply for a sales tax permit online for free and receive your number immediately. If you are a grower/farmer, or are not required to collect sales tax, please put "EXEMPT" in this box. If you are from out of state, you are still required to collect Texas use tax, which is at the same rate as sales tax. The tax rate here is 6.25% (we're not in the city limits), so you may need to update the sales tax rate on your credit card readers.

    For more information, please see the publication from the State Comptroller here:
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  • $50 Booth Selection

  • $100 Booth Selection

  • The meadow sites are beyond the back yard booths. The Little Shed is a small enclosed shed with windows that contains large built-in shelves and slatwall for displays and is located near the front of the farmhouse.
  • Farmer/Grower/Food Vendor/Non-profit Booth Selection

  • Food vendors must be licensed to sell food by the state. No city permit is required as we are in an unincorporated area. A copy of the state permit must be on file with Road 424 before setting up.
  • A limited number of tables and padded fabric folding chairs are available for rent. Tables are $10 each. Chairs are $2 each.

    Availability not guaranteed. Reserve early!

  • These are comfy padded fabric chairs. Soft on the tushy!
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  • If you don't have an online shop or website with photos, please upload a photo of your product or your booth setup.
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