New Date for Stom/Markel Wedding
As of March 4th, we are still awaiting final confirmation from the resort on the room availability request we sent to confirm the new room block.
I am sending this now so we can get the ball rolling for you once it's confirmed. New rates listed may be adjusted slightly once we have the final confirmation - we will update you before confirming anything if it's higher (we have erred on the side of caution though, rates should come back a little lower)

The new wedding date is October 15th, 2021 (this is a Friday)

Please use this form to confirm what you would like to do.
We have a LOT of people to work with on changing things and this will help me make sure I don't miss anyone or make any errors.

****PLEASE DO NOT CALL or E-MAIL the information****

**AFTER** you fill this out, please email any questions to Michelle at

Michelle is not there and Shelly can not help with questions on this complicated issue. If you need me to call you, I am happy to do that!
Please E-MAIL me to request a call and we can set up a time.

We held the new room types based on what we had previously reserved, if you want to change your room type, please fill this out 1st, THEN add notes about any changes you want to make at the bottom and we will contact you. Rooms are limited at the resort due to many people moving their dates.

*****Going on the new date?*****

If we booked airfare for you-
you will have a credit with the airline and will only need to pay any difference in the cost.
Once we have your new dates, we will discuss the air options with you.

Insurance - most of the policies/waivers purchased will be able to be adjusted to your new date - depending on the option you do, there may be a difference in cost of the policy, we will discuss with you based on your needs.

*****Not going on the new date?*****

If we purchased airfare for you - you will have an air credit, unless you purchased insurance and file a claim with them. We can get you any documentation you need, but you do have to fill out the claim forms and process that yourself. We can not say if this is a covered change or not, it varies by the policy your purchased and is determined by the insurance company.

If you purchased the Trip Secure Credit, which was a voucher back, you will only be out the cost of the waiver, you will not have a credit for other payments (aside from airfare) but will get a refund of payments made minus the waiver cost.

*****Wanted to keep the same date?*****

If you didn't want to move your date, we can make a new reservation for the current date you have - but the rate may be different - please check that option below and we will contact you with the current rates - you will be refunded from the group booking any payments made minus any travel protection/waiver that you may have purchased.
Depending on the insurance purchased, we may be able to keep it for the same date - we will discuss with you.

Please be patient with me in getting back with you.
Not only am I waiting for the final confirmation to come back to do the work that needs to be done in rebooking everything, but this is a lot of people to contact, and I know that it will take some time to get through the list and be thorough and accurate.

Once I have the new payment dates, I will update you! The balance is likely due in later July or early August.
  • Names

    Please add the names of all passengers that you are authorized to confirm the details for - generally this should be everyone in your room.
  • - -
  • If you are not going on the new date I will contact you about what you need to do if you had insurance, etc.
    If you want to keep the same date, I will contact you for a new booking to be made as the whole group either goes or not with a group booking, so we will have to make a new reservation for you, the rate will likely be different and we will discuss.
  • New Check In Date
  • New Check In Date
    The date you check out is the date you go home, NOT the last night you'd stay
  • Please use this space to add any additional details we may need to know or ask questions