Application for USD 250 Tuition Pool

Payments will be made in the order this application is received by the Superintendent.

Please complete a separate form for each course.

1. The tuition pool shall be funded for a maximum of $12,500 for certified personnel and $2,500 for classified personnel during the 2024 Summer Session. Only courses taken during the 2024 Summer semester are eligible.
2. The district will pay 50% of the tuition, but not fees, books, or materials. Payment will occur upon completion of the course with a grade of “B” or better in a graded course or “pass” in a non-graded course.
3. Certified professional employees are eligible for up to six hours of tuition assistance per year. Courses must be related to the employee’s area of assignment or as approved by the Superintendent. Classified employees may take six credit hours per semester.
4. Certified professional employees in an education-related degree-granting program are eligible for an additional three hours of tuition assistance per year. The year runs from Summer 2024 through Spring 2025.
5. Courses may be from Pittsburg State University or another institution of higher learning.
6. In the event that the employee finds it necessary to substitute a different class from the approved class listed on the form, that shall be allowed provided the class is eligible for reimbursement. The amount granted shall be limited to the number of hours for assistance approved on the original request. It is the employee’s responsibility to notify the district office of the course change.
7. Grade sheets or other evidence of successful completion of the course, along with receipts for the tuition shall be turned in within 30 days of the completion of the course.
8. If the requests exceed the maximum stipulated, the requests will be funded in the order of receipt by the Superintendent.
9. Please see the Professional Agreement and/or Classified Handbook online at for further details.

NOTE: The course must be taken during the
2024 Summer Session to be eligible at this time.

To be completed by the employee:
  • Only submit one class per pool submission. (If more than one is entered, only one will count per submission.)
  • Only submit one class per pool submission. (If more than one is entered, only one will count per submission.)
  • $ .
  • $ .
    Multiply the number of credit hours by Cost Per Credit Hour.
  • $ .
    Take the total cost and divide by 2.