Orienteering SA School Zone Registration 2024
Filling in this form covers each student for all events in all zones you nominate for 2024. You will need to inform the zone leader that you intend to attend a particular event. Please note: Your personal information is fully encrypted with SSL security.
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  • Please keep school name as short as possible eg BlackforestPS. If your child is attending as part of an OSHC programme & you will not be present to supervise please type OSHC next to school name
  • Please enter any relevant medical information. If no conditions please type none
  • Please enter name of one parent/guardian
  • Choose one: number of events/trainings previously attended

    * None beginner: short course + intro lesson
    * <5 previous trainings/events: short course
    * 5to15 previous trainings/events: medium course
    *15+ previous trainings/events: medium or long course
  • Choose one or more zones where you may attend events. Please only select a zone if there is a reasonable possibility you will attend an event there. Other zones will be added for term 2 & 3
  • I GIVE PERMISSION for my child to participate. Entry is under the following conditions:
    Your child cannot come if they:
    • Are unwell or have any COVID-19 symptoms
    • Are awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test
    • Are required to be in isolation according to current SA Health recommendations ie following a positive COVID test until symptoms are gone.

    RISK STATEMENT: In entering this event you should recognise that the event is a recreational activity that may involve significant risk of physical harm and has certain inherent and obvious risks due to its conduct in both urban and natural environments. Included in these risks are injury due to: rough terrain and obstacles; the effects of heat, cold and other adverse weather conditions; plant and animal life; vehicular traffic; and remoteness to medical services or evacuation difficulties if you become disabled.
    You should recognise that orienteering can be a dangerous recreational activity and the enjoyment of orienteering is derived in part from the inherent and obvious risks associated with the activity. You should be aware that there is no personal accident insurance on your participation in the sport and you participate at your own risk. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to decide whether their children are capable of orienteering by themselves at each event. Parents and guardians should ensure that their children are supervised at all times.

    DISCLAIMER: To the extent permitted by law, Orienteering SA Incorporated and its member clubs, council members, event organisers, controllers, planners, volunteers, officials, fellow members and all parties associated with organising the event (together the “Associated Entities”) excludes all: • liability (including for negligence) to you or anyone else in respect of any death, bodily injury, loss or damage (including property damage) howsoever caused which may be sustained or incurred by you as a result of your participation in or being present at an orienteering event supplied or organised by Orienteering SA Incorporated and/or the Associated Entities; and • warranties or representations, whether express or implied, that the services of Orienteering SA Incorporated and the Associated Entities will be rendered with reasonable care and skill or that any materials provided by Orienteering SA Incorporated will be fit for the purpose for which they are supplied

    PHOTOGRAPHS: I consent to photographic images of my child being taken at events for orienteering publicity purposes.