TAT Youth on Transportation Questionnaire

  • Busing on the Lookout (BOTL) wants to hear from you!

  • Who is BOTL?

    Busing On the Lookout (BOTL) fights human trafficking by working with transportation companies to “look out” for trafficking victims and spread awareness about human trafficking.

    What is human trafficking? It’s a crime where a person manipulates or takes advantage of someone else so they will work for them or have sex for money. Anyone under the age of 18 that exchanges sex for money or other things of value is considered a victim of human trafficking.

  • Why do we want to hear from YOU?

    Because you’re the expert! We’re all about helping youth stay safe, so we want to know what will help you the most.

    Please answer the following questions about how you use transportation, what you know about human trafficking, and your opinions on how BOTL and our partners can help you learn more about the issue. All answers will be anonymous and confidential. This means that your teachers, parents and classmates will not see what you write.

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