Installation Standard Operating Procedure for CCTV
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  • Project lead must check off each box as they complete each task:
  • Alarm/CCTV System

    Ran wires for new CCTV
    Installed DVR
    Installed Cameras
  • (indicate part number)
  • IP Cameras (QTY)
    Analog (QTY)
    Set up the DVR for remote connectivity and Internet
    Ensure all camera angles are correct and approved by Coffee Bean by checking with ISA office
    Ensure connectivity and remote access by Coffee Bean corporate office by confirming with ISA
    Properly label all cameras
    Ensure data and time are correct
    Before leaving, ensure that the alarm system is sending Signals to the station. You must ask the MOD to arm and disarm the safe and advise ISA office so we can verify the signals
    Verify that the DVR is on live view mode
    Ensure client knows where the keyboard, mouse so they know how to access the DVR if necessary
    Review this checklist with ISA office to confirm the job is complete

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