MEHPS Questionnaire
Multiple Etiology Heel Pain Syndrome
  • Is your pain worst after periods of rest or with
    the first step in the morning?

  • Does your heel pain increase in relation to the
    amount of time you are on your feet?

  • Does your pain have a burning nature?

  • Do you have pain in your heel(s) at night or
    when you are not on your feet?

  • Does your pain worsen throughout the day?

  • Do you have pain in both heels?

  • Has prior treatment with orthotic
    devices made the heel pain worse?

  • MEHPS Scoring

    <12 points Most likely a single etiology plantar fasciopathy.

    12‐15 points Probably multiple etiologies with both fasciopathy and neurogenic

    >15 points Nerve entrapment or neurogenic etiology is likely the most
    significant contributor to the patients symptoms