Summer 2024 Adult Education Registration
Parkway-Rockwood Adult Education and Literacy
FREE classes for Adults!
  • The Parkway-Rockwood Community Education Adult Education and Literacy program provides FREE virtual online and in-person classes for adult students. Summer classes begin July 8, 2024 and run through August 14, 2024. All students are required to have a current placement test on file prior to beginning classes. Testing will be done in-person at the Community Learning Center; 13157 N. Olive Spur Road by appointment only. Once our office receives your application, a staff member will contact you to set up an appointment for testing and/or orientation.


    * Must have a Missouri mailing address
    * Must be at least 17 years of age
    * Cannot be enrolled in high school
    * Cannot hold an F1 Visa (J1 Visas holders are allowed; however, course work will not qualify for credit.)
    * Must attend a minimum of 9 hours per week

    English as a Second Language classes are for students whose first language is not English. Students in beginning classes learn to speak, listen for understanding, read, and write English. Intermediate and advanced students have the opportunity to improve conversation, grammar, pronunciation, reading, and writing.

    High School Equivalency (HSE) classes are for those students who do not have a high school diploma, and who want classes to help prepare for the HiSET or GED test. Students will study math, language, reading, social studies, and science. Students who already have a high school diploma are also welcome to attend HSE classes. These students will learn how they can improve basic reading, writing, and math skills. Students whose first language is not English need to take a placement test to qualify for HSE classes.
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    American Indian or Alaska Native:
    Black or African American:
    Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander:
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    Cultural Barriers:
    Displaced Homemaker:
    Low Income:
    English Language Learner:
    Ex Offender:
    Exhausting TANF Within Two Years:
    Foster Care Youth:
    Long Term Unemployed:
    Less than a 12th grade education:
    Migrant Farmworker:
    Seasonal Farmworker:
    Single Parent or Guardian:
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    Public Assistance:
    Dislocated Worker:
    Minor with Adult Status:
    Apparent or Disclosed Disability:
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  • I certify that the information given on this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. I consent to the release of my records maintained by a state or local education agency, including the information on this form and transcripts, grades, certificates, the High School Equivalency, and diplomas earned by me. I understand this information may be used by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and shared with other state agencies for research and reporting purposes. Data shared between agencies includes, but is not limited to, employment, additional schooling, and follow-up services provided to you by agencies identified in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (2014). I certify that I am not currently enrolled in high school (or homeschool) or hold an F1 Visa.