ISRI Women in Recycling Council Participation
In an effort to streamline our efforts and reach more women in the recycling industry, the Women in Recycling Council (WIR) has developed subcommittees for member participation. Please sign up for the group of your choosing. If none of the categories listed pique your interest, please let us know.
Note: Subcommittee participation is not required to be a part of the Council.

Subcommittee Descriptions:
Communications Subcommittee: The communications committee helps develop and determine the Council's overall communications strategy including the development and gathering of content for newsletters, social media, and other forms of communication aligned with the WIR mission and goals.

Online Programming Subcommittee: The online programming committee is responsible for brainstorming and planning content and framework for Council webinars and other online outreach to engage with members who may not be able to attend in-person meetings. In addition, the online programming committee will work to develop a strategy for online engagement.

Impact Initiatives Subcommittee: The impact initiatives committee works to identify and coordinate initiatives that create positive buzz and impact for the WIR. This includes national and local levels.

Advocate: We have identified three types of advocate focus areas: National, Chapter, and Commodity. The advocates will work in their focus area to support the WIR mission and goals.

Mentor Network: This new subcommittee oversees the implementation of the WIR mentorship program, which will launch in April 2021.

New Member Onboarding: This subcommittee is in charge of welcoming and engaging new members as they join the council.