APP FarmAssist
Job Description for:
Farm Assistant Representative
  • Contacting and talking with:

    Medical Cannabis Doctors,
    Medical Cannabis Clinics,
    Cannabis Clinic Receptionists,
    Secretaries and or Staff.

    Contracting them to refer our website service, to their patients and we will pay them for each referral.
  • Reasons to recommend

    1. Less than 1/2 to 1/7th the cost of any dispensary.
    2. FREE Medicine for qualified patients.
    3. They Get Paid for every referral.
    4. Tested, Verified, Organic and Approved Products.
    5. Online Ordering & home delivery.
    6. YOU GET PAID for every referral.
  • If you are an intelligent and motivated individual, this is a rare opportunity to make a small, or even a large fortune.

    The reward for having JUST ONE Clinic, Doctor, or Secretary refer our service to their patients, can mean $300.00 to $2,500.00 a week in rewards, for you and for them.

    We have Representatives earning, $13,500.00 to $200,000.00+, in their first year.

    And please understand, that this is a residual income!!
    You get paid everytime they order, not just the first.

    Your profit potential, depends upon your own ability.
    We have created 4 millionaires in 8 years.

    The more Secretaries, Clinics, Doctors, Dispensaries you recruit, the larger your residual income becomes.

    This is an independent Contractor position.
    By law, we provide no mandates, requirements, instructions, mandatory hours of operation, or any other guidelines, or policies, beyond legal definition.

    This is a freelance, Executive Position, with high earning potential.
    It requires a diligent person and a self motivated person, but the rewards are enormous.
    No one is available to hold your hand. You must achieve your results on your own.
  • Your contact information.

    1. How to contact you.
    2. Where to send your checks.
  • - -
    Not required until contracted.
  • Instructions:

    Whenever you get a deal.
    Everytime you get a secretary, receptionist, or doctor to agree to recommend our website service, you must email us the following information.

    1. Your name.
    2. The name of the Clinic.
    3. Name of Doctor.
    4. The name of the actual person recommending.

    We make an account, associating you and them, so that there is an automatic payment, twice a month to all appropriate parties.