Over 40 Nutrition Information Sheet
This form MUST be completed in full in order to create your meal plan and training program. The more detail you provide, makes the meal plan easier to stick to.
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  • Exercise Type Times Per Week Duration Intensity

    These are a MUST for any coaching program.

    ***Please take pics in a well lit area with a solid light or white background (no busy backgrounds). Same place, same time of day, same day each week, same outfit if possible. Position the camera in front of you, no weird angles. Use a tripod if you have or setup phone appropriately.

    Guys: Boxers, briefs, etc..
    Ladies: Whatever you feel comfortable in. Bikinis, sports bra and tight shorts.

    These pics are meant to show detail of your body to help evaluate progress and losses in specific areas. The more revealing the better we can judge progress and flaws that need to be addressed.