GMA Education Program Registration
  • Group and Contact Information

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  • preferred means of contact
  • Field Trip Date and Program Type

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    For Visit-to-the-Past Workshops & Self-Guided Tours only
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    Used only if desired date is not available. Workshops and Tours only.
  • Field Trip Details

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    Village hours 9am-3pm
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    Village hours 9am-3pm
  • Out of state groups must pay sales tax. If not applicable, type NA.
  • The Drug Store is located within the Village. Workshops will be assigned a specific time to visit the Drug Store. Store items cost anywhere from $0.19 to $20+. This is a separate cost from the admission/field trip fee.
  • Country Store is where check-in occurred. Hours are 9am-5pm.
  • Clicking yes shows interest only. Museum staff will confirm train availability after registration. Additional cost: less than 60 riders (students & adults), $250; 61 or more riders (students & adults), $4.00/rider.
  • Lunch

    Visit-to-the-Past Workshops include lunch for students and adult group leaders only (see policies). Self-Guided Tours and Homeschool Days days do not include lunch.
  • Self-Guideded Tours and Homeschool Groups Only
  • Combo lunches include sandwich, chips, and drink.