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In consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, and other good and valuable consideration, it is agreed by both parties as follows:
§ 1.
The Advisor will permanently monitor and control the activity of the Model on the site. In addition, the Advisor will provide email support regarding problems, rules or options on, with answers within 24h.
The Advisor is authorized to check and do all the legal pursuit of members who are believed to be committing any form of credit card fraud, deception, money laundering or any other illegal activity through the Site’s payment and withdrawing mechanisms, or in conjunction with its members.
ActFair Team works to ensure all models and studios comply with the Terms of Use. Joining our control system does not help you get around any of the rules or requirements.
§ 2.
The Model agrees to provide the Advisor the forms of identification of her ( the Model ) so as to certify her validity and eligibility to become legitimate and legally bound member of the Site.
The Model agrees that the relevant local law enforcement authorities verify and investigate her activity if proved by “the Website” to be committing fraud.
§ 3.
During the full term of this agreement the Advisor will be paid automatically on a percent base of 2 % effective from the total revenue of the Model on as agreed.
§ 4.
The Advisor may, at any time, with or without cause, terminate this agreement with immediate effect.
We require you to accept our terms in order to be supported.
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