OPENING - Customer Service Shift Report
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  • Main Reception - Opening tasks

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    Confirm your arrival to the DM by radio
    Turn off the PE Beam by double tapping your wristband on the scanner behind POS 1
    Set up EFTPOS, keyboards/mouse and ipads (Take up Level 1
    Turn on EFTPOS (Silver button)
    Settle all tills in the facility and place slips in CX Coordinator's tray
    Place POS 1 perspex back up
    Confirm floats
    Turn on internal street & 3 lights
    Remove area closed signs
    Radio the DM, 5 minutes prior to opening, to get permission to open
    Unlock aquatic entrance doors once you have received permission to open
    Turn on music in the aquatics, level 1 admin and main reception areas
    Clean out EFTPOS machines, checking that receipt paper isn't blocked up
    Log into staff pages on every computer
    Check Alerts / What's on
  • Main Reception - Post Opening tasks

  • Incomplete Underway Complete
    Unlock all cupboards & doors at reception
    Unlock forms drawer and cabinet
    Restock forms if required
    Restock Speedo if required
    Top up receipt rolls in front cupboards
    Ensure Level 1 and aquatic lost property is stored in 'Today's' cupboard
    Level 1 - Settle second EFTPOS computer
    SATURDAY - Place 'Birthday Party' sign next to POS 1
    SATURDAY - Remove 'Area Closed' sign from the courts
    SATURDAY - Check aquatic birthday party room
    SUNDAY - Tear and sort new aqua bands into box
    SUNDAY - Remove the 'area closed' signs from courts
    SUNDAY - Wash lost property towels
    SUNDAY - Check reception first aid kit
    SUNDAY - Check aquatic birthday party room
  • Level 1 Reception - Opening Tasks

    If the Gym Instructor doesn't arrive please radio the Duty Manager to turn on the lights and music. Call the rostered Gym Instructor and if you are unable to reach them call the Health Club Team Leader.
  • Incomplete Underway Complete
    Removed 'Area Closed' sign from FFC
    Unlock all cupboards & drawers
    Conduct a radio test
    Set up keyboard and mouse
    Open Keepme, Emails, GymSales, MyWellness
    Log into staff pages and check Alerts / What's On
    Open and read emails and check the calendar
    Fill up prospect clipboards
    Take up wellness and stadium wristbands for the day
    Restock all forms
    Complete CSO daily tasks