MNWT State Program Manager Monthly Report
Responses to the online form will be viewed by the State President and the Programming Vice President. This form should be completed by the 1st of each month. Upon completion of the form, click Submit; you will receive a confirmation screen if your report has been successfully submitted.

You will need to send a separate email to and of communication logs and any important back-up materials.
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  • What did you do as a SPM during this month (i.e., correspondence made, articles in newsletter, programs promoted, etc.?
  • Travel

    Meetings attended during this month where you promoted your program.
  • Date Location Purpose
    Meeting #1
    Meeting #2
    Meeting #3
  • List number of districts and chapters participating in your promotions, amount of funds raised, certifications received, etc.
  • List total number of hours for the month -- external areas only.
  • What are your planned activities for the next month?