Daily Report - Jessica CSR
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  • **********************ROUTES*********************

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  • Or please convert to client
  • **********************ACUTE FACILITIES*********************

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  • Details
  • **********************PREP TIME*********************

  • 1. Business cards and materials
    2. HISC ID Badge is on
    3. If a change to Google Calendar is to take place, I just reviewed that with CMS
    4. Google Calendar accurately details where I am going today

  • (VM and EM)
  • This must be at least the # of Bs + Cs
  • Open this link
    Sort by clicking the submitted column
    Write down the # of mass emails sent today
  • - Open the hyperlink
    - Look at the last 5 intakes
    - Look at the source RPN
    - Find out from the office how things are going
    - Email AND Vm the RPN an update
  • DM - 1. EMail
    DM - 2. Snail Mail
  • Shows you all the changes you made in Stage 2
    Review the contact changes made. How many?
  • Click the link
    Scroll all the way down for the #
  • **********************INTAKES/ PROSPECTS*********************

  • Situation #1a - Nurturing Prospects *
  • Or please convert to client
  • **********************FEEDBACK*********************

  • How can we improve our strategy here? (consider how many referrals we get a month and what the challenges are and the opportunities). Also, consider removing this RPN as a Priority if it has been 9 months with no response
  • Information I was asked that I was not able to properly answer
  • 1. Make suggested texts for new ones
    2 Comment on existing ones
  • *****************TOMORROW*****************

  • Anything scheduled in the calendar for tomorrow?
  • Review Priority Accounts sorted by last visit and see who needs to be seen?
  • IACs
  • *****************FRIDAYS/ END OF DAY*****************

  • We need to meet 2x a month to review accounts, approaches, strategies
  • MONTHLY ANALYSIS*****************

  • 1. It can be fax blast, email blast, snail mail etc
    2. Can be holiday related, weather related or seasonal