Dog Adoption Application
Welcome to Rain City Rescue. We review your application for the best match for your home and lifestyle. We work on only the most urgent cases. We try to set it up to be the most successful match for both you and your dog. Adoption fees go 100% to the medical expenses, spay, neuter, vaccinations, micro-chipping, training, boarding and transport of our foster dogs. Thank you for saving a life!

*To ensure a successful submission, please use a PC or MAC as some users have experienced issues when filling out the form with a cell phone or tablet. Also make sure all fields marked with an asterisk are filled in.*
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  • Must be 21+ years to adopt
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  • References

    Please list two references of people who know you well and/or can attest to your suitability as a dog owner, at least one being a non-family member. Emails provided are for reference purpose only and not solicitation.
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  • Current or Former Vet Reference

    Please list the name and phone number of all vet clinic used for all pets listed above. This reference will be checked to assure pets were kept current on vaccinations.
  • If more than one vet please email
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  • Agreement

    Adoption fees cover only a portion of the costs incurred with rescue (e.g. vaccines, spay/neuter, micro-chipping, medical expense, training, boarding, transport and pulling fees from shelters). On average we spend $600 or more on each of these precious dogs. Adoption fees and additional donations all go towards helping the next urgent animals we need to save, therefore the adoption fee is non-refundable. The adoption fee is to be paid upon signing the final adoption contract. Adoption fee varies per dog.

    The information provided in the Dog Adoption Application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false or missing information may result in the denial of this adoption.
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