The Best Life Jacket Buying Reviews and Buying Gui
Life jackets are known by many different names, including Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) and life vests. But no matter the name, they are an essential part of any trip that involves large bodies of water.

In the year 2012, 90% of deaths caused by drowning happened in water bodies inland (like lakes, beaches, rivers, etc.) and most of those who died were aware of how to swim. In the same year, 70% of boating deaths were caused by drowning and 85% of these deaths included people who did not have a life jacket on.

By law, boats are required to have at least one functional life jacket available and although it is not compulsory for adults to wear a life jacket while on board, children who are under 13 years of age are required to wear one.

For watersports players in the United States, some states require life jackets to be worn in the water.

Thus, wearing a life jacket is highly important and helps you remain safe while playing in deep waters. Not to mention how life jackets can support you while you swim and prevent you from drowning.

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