Printing request form
You can use this form to request that documents supplied by you via email or by specifying a web address should be printed for you by Library Staff.
(Self-service is also available using the computers in the Business Centre.) Please note that there is a limit of 10 pages per person per day.
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    We will need to access the file you want printed via digital means. There are basically two ways to do this. 1- You can direct us to material which is already on the web, or 2- you can send us a file you want to have printed as an email attachment.

    1: To specify something which is already on the internet that you want to have printed, please enter the *exact* URL (web address) of the material you wish to have printed in the box below. You may use the "Printing notes for Library Staff" field to enter any further instructions.

    2: To have Library Staff print something for you that you have already downloaded or created as a file, please upload the file below under "2. Upload". There is a 10MB limit on attachments.

    If your enquiry involves researching what needs to be printed, you will need to contact a Reference Librarian. Pleases see the Contact Us details below for information on how to do so.

  • Please note any specific instructions you have about how your printing should be done, e.g. "Please do not print pages with form instructions", "please skip pages 3-5" etc.

    We will start working on your request as soon as we receive your request form. Printing requests are being taken M-F from 10AM-4PM. Collections are being managed through our curbside service.

    Please wait for us to get back to you to let you know your item is ready to pick up. Your printing won't be ready for you until we contact you.

    Then, please contact the Circulation department on the number below, to make an appointment for a Curbside Pickup of your materials at a specific date and time:

    Circulation: (908) 757-1111 ext. 111

    When you arrive, let the staff know via the number above, and the staff will bring your printed material to the collection point.

    To get in touch for more information you may email with your question, or call us at (908) 757-1111 ext. 112.

    You can also live chat with us at (or just click on the chat link at the bottom of pages on

    Please note that our current hours are 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.