Melissa & Lloyd's Cruise Wedding

Carnival Freedom
Sail Date: 1/12/2020

Cruise only group rates -
These rates have been locked in until April 25, 2019
we may be able to extend rates past this date, ask us for an update if we're past this date!

To secure your cabin number, a deposit of $250.00 per person is currently due - however, we can do a lower group level deposit which will secure space, but not the cabin number.

A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 per person will secure your space in the group. This only secures your cabin type, but not location or cabin number.

A 2nd deposit of $200.00 per person is due by August 10th, 2019 (to get to 250 per person, or if a low deposit promotion was available, only the low deposit would have been due to secure the cabin)

The balance is due by October 19th, 2019

If you pay the 250.00 per person deposit early, your cabin will be assigned early! :)

Cruise Only – Includes port charges and Taxes

Pre-paid tips are $97.93 per person, NOT included

Past guest promotions can be added when we are making the reservations. If you have a past guest number or
other offers from Carnival, we can book these.

***Important to Note***
Rates for 3rd and 4th guests are NOT locked in and are priced at current rates when reservations are made.

Category 4A – Inside cabin

2 people $642.52 per person
3 people $517.52 average per person
4 people $455.02 average per person

Category 6A – Oceanview cabin (window, does not open)

2 people $717.52 per person
3 people $567.52 average per person
4 people $492.52 average per person

Category 8A – balcony

2 people $977.52 per person
3 people $740.86 average per person
4 people $622.52 average per person

Category 8D (Upgraded balcony for better location, slight price difference)

2 people $1002.52 per person
3 people $757.52 average per person
4 people $635.02 average per person

Prices do not include prepaid tips or insurance - if you have question on these please don’t hesitate to call me at 405-360-4482 or email me at

If you want an upgrade or certain deck, please ask! This ship has A LOT of options!

For triple cabins (Cabins of three) or Quad cabins (cabins of 4) the rate for these additional passengers is not locked in and can change until reservations are made and confirmed with the full $250 per person deposit

We do not recommend more than 3 adults in a cabin unless you are upgrading to a balcony due to the size of the cabins.

Once the full deposit is paid in the amount of $250.00 we will be able to obtain your cabin numbers. Getting this paid early will allow me to get cabins close together. Once your cabin is booked the full deposit is nonrefundable, so if you are not sure you can go wait to book the cabin. Or purchase the insurance. There are no name changes once cabin is booked without paying a change fee.

You can make payments as often as you would like! We can set up automatic payments for you!

Airfare and airport-ship transfers are not included in the cruise rate, but can be purchased.
If you are booking your own airfare - you will want to arrive before noon the day of departure and you will want to depart after noon on the day you depart if you are flying the same day as the sailing is departing/arriving.

For information on cruising, check out our cruise tips – visit our website at

Do you have questions? Please, Contact us!

Agent - Michelle Carbone (Shelly is also available to assist should Michelle not be available)
e-mail -
phone - 405-360-4482

Michelle's Destinations Unlimited ~ 300 W Gray #112 ~ Norman, OK 73069
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    Please fill out the information below and we will contact you with a quote and for your payment information if you're ready to book, you can fill in payment information below, or you can contact us!

    Please note - by filling out this form, you agree to the following -

    Understand a passport book, passport card OR a Certified State copy of your Birth Certificate with a Government Issued Photo ID is required for US Citizens traveling on a closed loop cruise and that it is my sole responsibility to ensure I obtain any additional documentation that may be required. Some states no longer comply with the Real ID act, it is your responsibility to ensure that your ID will be accepted by the Federal Government.

    Should you have any legal issues (IE, be on parole, have a DUI, back child support, or anything else that could prevent you from getting a passport and/or entering the country/getting on the ship) you must advise us before your payment is made as refunds are not made for these reasons.

    Refunds are not made due to the Zika virus or other viruses if you are pregnant or should you become pregnant. Please see the CDC website or visit with your doctor for travel information pertaining to these issues. Travel insurance does NOT cover cancellation for pregnancy.

    Please include you information as it APPEARS in your PASSPORT BOOK or Government Issued ID - NOT how you wish your name was, what you sign your name as, what your social security card says, what your drivers license has, etc, but the name that is in your PASSPORT BOOK OR the Government Issued ID you're using- if you have gotten married and still have your maiden name and are not changing it before the trip, put your maiden name - all they look at is your Passport Book or ID - nothing else.

    Name changes can not be made with out fees after payment has been posted to your reservation.
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  • Our group block only has inside cabins and balcony cabins - other cabin types will have a higher deposit or the rate will not be locked in until the full deposit is paid. We will contact you with details.
  • Early is usually at 615pm, late at 815pm
  • Pre-paid tip amount is higher in suites. These tips cover the room steward, waiter, assistant waiter, and head waiter - additional tips may be given to any staff that do a great job for you at the end of your cruise. Any bar tabs/soft drinks will have a 15% tip automatically added at the time you order.
  • Royal Insurance is $148 per cabin - other insurance options will be sent to you as well - we will re-confirm insurance with you before taking any payments.
  • Protected in vault Data collected via fields that have our security seal are encrypted and stored with the highest global security standard — PCI compliance. Your data is absolutely safe in Vault.