Add Supplier Catalog to a Photo Finale Site
This form should be filled out BY THE SUPPLIER after necessary agreements between supplier and the dealer/retailer are made.

This information will be sent to the Photo Finale team, who will add the requested catalog to the retailer's Lab 50 account and notify the retailer at the email address provided on this form. The retailer can then log into Lab 50 and add the desired products.
  • About the Retailer/Dealer

  • ex:
  • The dealercode is the number used to log into Lab 50. Providing it ensures we add the catalog to the correct site.

    Most retailers know it, but if not, they can click the "Switch Account" button on the login screen and they will see it.
  • This is the person Photo Finale will email when the catalog is added and ready.
  • - -
  • About you, the Supplier

  • We will copy you on the message to the dealer notifying them that the catalog has been added.