Computer Fan & Heat Sink Cleaning Services
A Cooling Pad Is Not A Necessary.
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  • Notice:

    If your computer have such problems, it is recommended for you to take this service.
    - Very Hot CPU / GPU
    - Fan Always Noisy / Run At High Speed
    - Very Hot Palm Rest
    - Laggy Computer When Doing More Task
    - Automatic Shut Down
    - BIOS Showing "Your Computer Is Overheated"
    - Computer Never Took Heat Sink Cleaning
    - More Than One Year Did Not Take Heat Sink Cleaning

    Prolonged time of overheating is very bad to your computer, it may burnt your hardware or reduce the life span of your computer. At the same time, reduced computer performance.

    Taking heat sink cleaning service regularly can maintain your computer at better / high performance and will extend your computer life span.

    If You Are Not Sure You Need To Take This Service Or Not, Please Kindly Contact Us By Clicking The Blue Button At The Top Left Of The Page.
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