OSOP Professional Training Courses
Please take a few moments to complete this form as it will help us design a better class. We would like you to complete this form even if you are not sure if you will be attending.
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    Are you mainly a Linux user?
    Have you used any linux?
    Are you a linux expert?
    Can you use ssh?
    Can you change the IP on a linux machine from the command line?
    Do you know what -rwxr-xr-x means?
    Have you installed Earthworm?
    Have you installed SeisComP?
    Is Earthworm installed at your institute?
    Is SeisComp installed at your institute?
    Do you use Earthworm?
    Do you use SeisComP?
    Are you a seismologist?
    Do you understand written and spoken English?
    Do you have experience with digital signal processing?
    Do you have experience with MASW?
    Do you have experience with REMI?
    Do you know how to determine the poles, zeros and gain of instrumentation?
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