Work Experience - Employer Post Survey Summer 2023
Please take a moment to complete this survey about your role in Work Experience with SDCCD. Your answers and feedback will help our campus to grow the Work Experience program so we can provide valuable real-world experiences for students and prepare qualified student candidates to benefit partner organizations.

Questions or need accommodations? Please email the designated SDCCD campus Work Experience Coordinator for more information.
Mesa College - Shawn Fawcett |
Miramar College - Kyoka Hashimoto |

NOTE: Shawn Fawcett is currently on maternity leave. Please contact Megan Boquet at mboquet@sdccd.edufor questions & assistance with Mesa College Work Experience.

NOTE: City College Work Experience process will be completed via paper forms. Contact the WE instructor for the course that you would like to enroll in directly.

  • NOTE: City College Work Experience process will be completed via paper forms. Contact the WE instructor for the course that you would like to enroll in directly.

  • Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree Not Applicable
    My intern delivered a high quality of work.
    My intern possessed the necessary technical skills and knowledge to successfully complete assigned tasks.
    My intern possessed the necessary 21st Century professional skills to successfully perform in the workplace (ie: communication, critical thinking, etc.)
    My intern's SDCCD education and/or academic program at has adequately prepared him/her for this internship.
    My intern was allowed to take initiative to work beyond the basic requirements of the job.
    I made myself regularly available to train and answer my intern's questions.
    The Work Experience Instructor provided adequate instruction and expectations.
    The Work Experience Instructor regularly checked in with me/my intern and answered questions as needed.
    The online Work Experience process and forms were easy to navigate.
    I would recommend a SDCCD intern to other colleagues or companies.
    I would recommend enrollment in Work Experience to other students.
  • Describe any area(s) and/or skill(s) that show great promise or need improvement.

    If your company is interested in further developing a partnership with SDCCD (City, Mesa, or Miramar Colleges), we invite you to complete the Employer/Community Partner WBL Participation Interest Form below to enhance student's educational experience with Work-Based Learning activities inside and outside the classroom! Please indicate the activities of interest and provide a point of contact for your company.

    Work-Based Learning connects student’s academic learning with career opportunities, industry and real-world experiences through varying interactions with industry and employers. After completion of the Interest Form below, one of SDCCD's Work-Based Learning Team will be in touch with you to discuss WBL opportunities, connect you with faculty/campus departments, identify how our SDCCD campus(es) can address your organization's needs, and support you in preparing SDCCD students to be career ready!
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  • Please provide a WBL point of contact at your company:
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