PPFT Cat Adoption App
This application will help us figure out what you are looking for in your new cat, but also help us figure out if your home is the right fit for one of our cats.

**Please note that filling out this application does NOT guarantee you one of our cats. **


Adoption fee for Kittens (below 6 months) is $100.00
Adoption fee for Adults (over 6 months) is $70.00
Adoption Fee for Senior Cats (7 Years and Older) $60.00


Our cats will have received their FVRCP, Rabies, FIV shots. They will be micro-chipped, they will be FIV&FELV tested, have a fecal done, be de-wormed, be spayed/neutered, and will be current on their flea/tick prevention.
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  • When adopting a rescue cat, we can only go off the information that was provided by their foster home. Sometimes, when the cat enters a new environment it may show a different behavior than it did in its foster. This is often the "adjustment period". It takes time for your new cat, along with any of your current pets to get used to each other. A day is not even close to being able to determine if it is going to work out or not. Everyone needs time to feel settled and get into a set routine, please remember that your new cat probably has been passed around from home to home prior to coming into our rescue. Some just need some time before feeling at home. We try our hardest to make sure we are adopting the cat home to a family that fits its needs, as well as making sure the cat is a good fit for its new family.

    Sometimes adopting a rescue cat takes a little work, if you are looking for the perfect cat it just does not exist. We understand in some situations it is just not possible to keep working with your new cat, however most of the returns we get could have been avoided had the adopters just hung on a little longer and gave everyone a proper chance to adjust to one another.
  • ****ATTENTION****

    This is the part we send on to the cat of interest's foster so PLEASE be very detailed in what you are looking for in your new cat. Along with that, please explain why you feel that this cat would be a good fit for your family. Remember, you may not be the only person applying for him/her.
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