Organizations / Individuals Collaborations
  • Collaborative Mission Statement:

    Bridging Organizations To Promote Economic, Political & Personal Power To The Communities Served.
  • Organization Founder / Member or Contact Representative
  • Organization or Personal
  • Does your organization know your mission statement? Ask someone what is it now.
  • Interview Organizations

    The next 7 Questions will apply to Organizations / Individuals partnering
  • The mission statements defines the heartbeat of an organization and is the basis of the idea it was created for. This question will enable us to discern if their mission has changed from its original perceived need.
  • Focus on Positive as that is where the answers to the challenges await.
  • Partnerships are important. We may contact them to see if they are a good fit for our collaborative.
  • An organization without plans has no vision and will never reach the good it may have accomplished.
  • This will determine if they are budgeting and how they raise income to provide their services.
  • As a collective offering varied services each individual entity wins as well.
  • What are you looking for us to accomplish in relation to your long term plan?
  • Please provide logo / pics or info for our website and quarterly collaborative Newsletter