Letter to the Editor
The Pamplin Media Group and Community Newspapers welcomes letters to the editor, citizen's view, and political letters. Below are the guidelines for submissions

Letters to Editor Guidelines:
We welcome letters on topics of general interest. Our length limit is 300 words; submissions may be edited for length, grammar, libel and appropriate taste. Writers are limited to one letter per calendar month. Because of the volume of mail, not all letters can be printed. Letters must be signed with the writers full name. An address and daytime telephone number are needed for verification purposes; this information will not be published or released.

Political Letters:
We welcome political letters. Our length limit is 200 words.

Citizens View Guidelines:
Readers are invited to submit column-length guest viewpoints for publication on their local paper's opinion page. Because space is limited, writers should first consider the option of submitting a letter to the editor of 300 words or less. Citizen's View submissions are limited to 550 words. People preparing guest viewpoints are asked to bear in mind the following guidelines:
• Op-ed pieces should deal with matters of general interest to readers, usually relating to some issue of public policy.
We favor op-ed pieces from people who have demonstrable expertise in the subject matter at hand, or who can speak on behalf of an organization or community group.
• We have a strong preference for material submitted by writers living in the local circulation area of the paper to which they are submitting. Writers addressing national or global topics should attempt to find some local connection to their topic.
• Material published on the opinion pages needs a strong element of commentary. If a particular event is the focus of a guest viewpoint, the column should focus on the issues surrounding the event rather than simply urging people to attend or donate.
• We need a sentence or two of biographical information about the writer. Guest viewpoints should be from a person, not an organization though a person can be identified as speaking on behalf of a group.
• It's a good idea to check with editorial page editor of your publication of choice before starting work on an op-ed piece. He/She may already have made arrangements with someone else who's working on a column along the same lines, or there may be issues of timing that need to be discussed. Please refer to the "Contact Us" page of your local paper.
  • Maximum 200 words
  • Maximum 300 words
  • Maximum 550 words
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